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 Official Rules

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Official Rules Empty
PostSubject: Official Rules   Official Rules EmptySun Sep 18, 2011 9:17 am

1. Disruptive behaviour is not tolerated.

2. Advertising other rsps communities is strictly forbidden!

3. Disrespecting your peers and/or staff is innapropriate.

4. Enforcing False rules is not tolerated.

5. Negative attitude against ones opinion is not acceptable.

6. Spamming the forums, chabox, or pm's is not appropriate.

7. Advertising your server any faster then 1 post per every 60 seconds will not be tolerated.

8. Constant begging for staff is not acceptable.

9. Do Not ask to be apart of the staff team, leave a request, or application on the forums.

10. You are allowed to advertise your links outside of this community as long as its a runescape private server.

11. No threatening anyone about anything.

12. No talk about hacking, DDoSing, or scamming is aloud. Automatic ban.

13. No, selling runescape accounts without permission from Tony only. Selling RSGP is ALLOWED, if you get scammed report with image proof.

14. Sexual harrassment is not appropriate.
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Official Rules
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